The YouTube Hating Alliance is an alliance of different characters (real or unreal) who favor to own worst topics. The characters are found on the YouTube owning videos.


The earliest style of the traditional hate video can be traced back to several of Thunderbirds101's now-unavailable hate videos on youtube troll danger942 (now rescuehero942). A third (unavailable) hate video was made by Akriloth2160, which expanded with Joe Kerr and The Penguin. This idea in turn was expanded further by God7619gryphon (then eagle7619) by having Batman slaughter evil youtubers (until several run-ins with YouTube's community guidelines which forced the format to change), and since then, the format of hate videos has been remade to death with a few twists and turns now and then, and at two points, the repetition and overuse of the format was parodied by Akriloth2160.

Introduction by users

Unknown users but common


  • Drew Pickles
  • Dudley
  • Mario(Also was used in akriloth2160's hate video against Uwe Boll)



  • Sgt. Keroro- suggested after cray007mario's fanship. Cray's account is closed after a year but remains legacy.



  • Mr. Power Pros
  • Liu Bei
  • Lu Bu
  • Zhang Jiao
  • Falco Lombardi



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