Yuri, in a photo taken in his last years in the Spetslolz

The less you know... the better off you will be...
- Yuri, during the Psychic Dominator Disaster

Yuri is the Leader of The Yuri Brotherhood and is the main antagonist for Microsoft Sam And The Psychic Dominator Disaster.

Service to the USSR

Yuri was born in the USSR on July 15th, 1978 and at a very young age his parents were killed due to a massive car accident, at age 20, he enlisted in the Spetslolz and remained there for 20 years before being discharged, after his time in the Spetslolz, he then began to practice the mastery of Psychic Energy, when the USSR Government found out he was doing so, Pieboy6000 ordered his execution, but before it happened, Yuri fled the USSR in 2010 and remained dormant until The Psychic Dominator Disaster in 2013.

He took cover from his nuclear blast in Rio De Jalolro in the South Roflican Yellow Zone in October 2013, sealing himself underground. It is unknown what became of Yuri following this event.

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