Zed Backslide is a DAU and Earth 2.5 character.

Zed Backslide
Syn rep
Zed, Earth 2.5


Unknown (July 12)


Syn (Representitive of Daliko, Magiarch)


Pyrokinesis, summoning the dead


Allies of Syn, his skeletal assistant


Everyone else


Zed was born to two Destriarchs, named Foyle and Feyre. Despite this, he grew up somehow born with the skills of a Magiarch, and Daliko declared him the official Magiarch of Lust for Syn when he was an adult. As his powers grew, he quickly rose to the Magiarchs' respect, and eventually took the role of Head Magiarch.

In the Present Day

Earth 2.5

in the Earth 2.5 Timeline, Zed is the representitive of Daliko, the Sister of Chaos. He is also the Head Magiarch, the second most powerful role on Syn. He is often unseen, often letting his skeletal assistant do his dirty work (particularly in gathering nations). He has seven underlings, named 1ne through 7even, and currently lives somewhere in Sinnoh, presumably near Snowpoint City (his birthplace). He is a cruel and sadistic man, often using other people for his own deeds using mind control skills. He is also no stranger to murder, though uses it only as a last resort. He created a skeletal assistant named Hobo to help him with various tasks, mostly acquiring countries. Recently, his last name mysteriously changed to Backslide, much to his glee.