A group of Zone Troopers in Mongolia, August 2013

Zone Troopers were elite heavy infantry of the Global Defense Initiative, clad in heavy power armour capable of withstanding explosives and various other attacks that would otherwise maim a standard soldier. The power armour also had an implemented Jump Jet, allowing Zone Troopers to easily jump themselves to higher places or otherwise unscalable walls. The suits also had complete immunity to chemical, biological and radiological hazards, allowing them to travel through otherwise deadly zones, hence their names. They rarely fought alone, usually fighting in squads of four.

They utilised 'Zone Railguns', an experimental weapon that was capable of tearing apart vehicles and even buildings in enough numbers, though the weight of these weapons slowed the troopers down considerably, the weight was not enough to prevent airlifting and other vehicular transport.

The Zone trooper regiments were disbanded after the end of the Fourth Tiberium War as their use in Tiberium Zones came to an end, though most found their way into their local nations special forces as heavy weapon troopers.

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