Tiberium Levels Clean

The final reading given by GDI from November 18 2014 - January 24 2015 of a clean Earth 2.

were a system created by the Global Defense Initiative in order to measure Tiberium infestation levels across Earth 2, though this system was utilized by its enemies too.

A complicated looking but simple system, zones did not set the borders for each nation or faction but rather how much tiberium was generally in that area. Usually different zones were home to different factions, though this was not always the case.

Types of Zone


Tiberium levels as they were by November 14th, 2014, during the Fourth Tiberium War.

There were a total of three different types of zone, that are ranked by order of Tiberium Infestation. These are the Red, Yellow and Blue zones.

  • Red Zones - Completely uninhabitable by Humanity. Red Zones are almost completely covered in Tiberium and cannot sustain Human life. Frequent dangerous Ion Storms created by the presence of Tiberium Radiation make these regions especially dangerous to land and air forces, with frequent and large lightning strikes and radar jamming being main causes for concern. A small red zone exists in Soi Francisco, though it has been contained by GDI forces, preventing it from spreading any further. GDI and Nod generally abandon these Red Zones, though they are inhabited by Tiberium life and Tiberium Mutants, known as "The Forgotten".
  • Yellow Zones - Moderate to Dangerous Tiberium Infestation, somewhat habitable. Yellow Zones have varying levels of Tiberium Infestation, but not to the amount of a Red Zone, making them able to sustain Human life. However, like Red Zones, Yellow Zones do suffer from occasional dangerous Ion Storms, making living in these areas, especially those with more tiberium, very unadvised by even the fanatical Brotherhood of Nod, though this is likely because their operations are usually conducted from within these zones. These zones are too numerous to mark here.
  • Blue Zones - Little to No Tiberium Infestation, safely habitable. Blue Zones are virtually unaffected by Tiberium, usually because any tiberium in the area is contained to prevent it's spread, especially along the borders of Yellow Zones. Ion Storms never happen in Blue Zones, with some exceptions at the edge of Yellow Zones on rare occasions. Blue Zones cover most of Earth 2's surface, and are mainly occupied by the Global Defence Initiative and its allies. The Blue Zones are considered haven from the Tiberian nightmare that has hit Earth 2 as of late, and GDI's formidable occupation of most of the Blue Zones is used as propaganda to fight them by the Brotherhood of Nod, among other enemies.

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